Hizuki Seiji

Everything of You

words Pou / music ヒヅキセイジ

Wake up to see you next to me
In that way I know how much you like me
Yes, I do
Under my head is still your arm
In that way I know how much you care me
Yes, I do

You're the one who can tell what is justice
Longing for easy days will come true
and go on, and go on so far

Don't fell no lonely, give me your smile
You should know how much I like you, I love you
Yes, you should
Boy, I'll be always standing by
to make your future happy & bright,
Yes, I will

Let's share all good & bad together
Let's share all new born days together,
with me, with me forever

I like your smiling
I like your humming
I like your talking softly & tenderly

I like your hugging
I like your kissing
I like your everything you do for me,
everything of you